The Liberti Scale-Up Initiative


The scale up Phenomenon

Never before has it been possible for SMEs to hire the very best, 'heavy-weight' director-level talent at such an early stage in your company’s development... Until now!

Taking Your Business From Good to Great

(And without having to wait...!)

Here's a really simple way to evaluate your business...

Think of each of your departments or functions in terms of:

and then rate the performance of both out of 10, being as objective and honest as you can be.

Here’s an example:

And then ask yourself the question

"Is this the score I need if I want to build a truly great business, which positively impacts the greatest number of people?"

If the answer is ‘no’ or you’re in doubt, we’d like to invite you to come and join us and find out how you can make EVERY department in your business great, not just by bringing in great people (who you can meet and hire within days rather than months) but by implementing great strategies too, because we have worked with the very best businesses in just about every industry.

Our part-time directors have more than 12,500 years of combined experience working with the movers and shakers of the business world and now is your opportunity to access the resources and skills of the top 1% of talent in the country, to help you Scale Up and build a truly great business...

Here’s what your business could look like:

It feels pretty good to envisage a team with no weak links doesn’t it?

And because you can now access top talent AND market leading strategies on a part-time basis, it means that companies who, in the past, would not have been able to afford (or perhaps simply didn’t need) a full-time resource, can now get into their full stride on a much reduced timetable than has been possible in the past...

So here’s what you’ll experience at the premiere of the Scale Up Phenomenon event...


Colin Mills

Owner of the Liberti Group, The Global Number 1 Provider of high calibre, part-time professionals and author of “Scale Up - How To Take Your Business To The Next Level Without Losing Control Or Running Out Cash”, will briefly set the scene and offer us an exciting and enlightening glimpse into a world that only a very small minority of UK business owners are aware of...

After a career as a high-flying Finance Director and MD for a variety of multi-nationals, Colin Mills began to do consultancy work for a number of small businesses in the capacity of part-time FD.

He was able to bring a level of expertise and experience to companies which they would never have been able to afford were they having to pay a full-time salary...

He helped his clients add millions to their bottom line and indeed sell their companies for many times what they envisaged possible.

scale-up-bookHe realised there was a massive opportunity for experienced FDs to get out of the rat race and work with a portfolio of exciting, ambitious SMEs to help them grow much faster, but critically, without running out of cash. The FD Centre was founded by Colin in 2001 and over the past 15 years has opened up offices on every continent. The part-time FDs were soon joined by part-time Marketing Directors, IT Directors, HR Directors, Sales Directors, InHouse Lawyers and Financial Controllers, now under the umbrella of The Liberti Group...

Key Note Speaker: Malcolm Smith

From Good To Great While Scaling Up…


Malcolm Smith

Serial entrepreneur and Speaker of the Year for Vistage International in 2011 and Long Term Achievement Award winner in 2014, Malcolm Smith, will be running two high energy sessions for us detailing the journey ‘from good to great while scaling up’.

Malcolm has always believed in the power of people above systems, and that true leadership is about developing business environments that enable good companies to become great companies while maintaining consistent fast growth, staying in control and not running out of cash.

Malcolm will talk about the new model of the world economy where every business has almost instant access to exceptional people, skills and resources if they know where to find them and how to get best leverage from them.

In the ‘old model’ of business, companies had to wait until they had grown to a certain size to attract (and pay for!) the best talent. Today, companies can take on the top directors within their industry on a part-time basis (and tap into a huge extended pool of resource, knowledge, expertise and experience) at a fraction of the cost of a full-time equivalent.

The potential of this new model is huge and fast growth companies can leapfrog ahead of the competition by adopting a more agile, stealthy approach and accessing world-class performers wherever there are ‘gaps’ within their business…

Malcolm is a keynote lecturer on Leadership, Negotiation, Project Management, Consultative Selling and Public Speaking at London Business School, Cambridge University Judge Business School, Cass Business School and Oxford University SAID Business School.

The Scale Up Rapid Growth Workshops

You will have the opportunity to book onto 2 of the following 6 workshop sessions:

Hiring and Nurturing Brilliant People to Deliver World Class Performance

Led by the amazing Liberti Group team at People Puzzles

McKinsey conducted a 10 year research program into peak performance. They found that top executives delivering their best performance were approximately 5 times more effective/productive in terms of their output than their counterparts delivering normal/average performance. Hiring (and nurturing) brilliant people therefore, has a clear and measurable impact on the performance of a business.

In this interactive session we will show you what ‘brilliant’ looks likes and walk through the roadmap so that you have a clear picture of what it takes to hire and nurture 'A Player' performers within your business as part of your Scale Up plan...


Stuart Calvert

Marketing 360: Reverse Engineer your Entire Marketing Machine to Exceed your Targets, Every Time

Led by the marketing gurus from The Marketing Centre


John Courtney

In this session we will do a full 360 review of your marketing to identify where the gaps are and show you how you can plug these gaps so that all of your marketing channels are firing on all cylinders. We’ll show you how to reverse engineer your marketing machine not just to meet, but to exceed your revenue objectives, every time.

Getting to grips with the numbers: 5 Top Tips for Scale Up Forecasting and Cash Flow Management

Led by one of the FD Centre’s top Finance Directors

It is a common misconception that Finance Directors do a similar job to accountants. They don’t! Great FDs add rocket-fuel to businesses by giving you a clear and simple analysis of the numbers in your business, current and future. In this session we will identify 5 Top Tips to help you and your business really use this information, helping your business to Scale Up. In this session Mitch Wolfe, one of the FD Centre’s longest serving part time FDs, will use his considerable knowledge and experience to help you identify your own 5 Top Tips, those most relevant to your business.


Mitchell Wolfe

Your IT Roadmap : Stop Fighting Fires and Start Building Your Business

Led by Sally Rainbow-Ockwell, former global award-winning business coach and current Regional Director for Freeman Clarke


Sally Rainbow-Ockwell

Historically, IT has been about cost-saving – replacing repetitive tasks with automated systems. That’s still important, but increasingly, high-performing companies have cracked this. They know that IT is now critical for growth, and have moved on to the much more exciting aspects of IT – how to use systems to gain competitive edge and grow the business. That’s where your competitors are – where are you? Have you got your day-to-day systems running smoothly, so that you can make that shift – or are you still fire-fighting? Do your IT team & suppliers work in synch with your business – or is your IT budget a ‘black hole’? Will your IT strategy enable your business strategy & drive your business growth – or will you be told ‘the computer says no’?! In this interactive workshop, we will demonstrate a new framework which will enable you to rebuild the foundations of your business and allow you to scale up faster and without the pain and frustration. You’ll come away with a step-by-step plan to get your IT in shape to drive your growth.

An Entire Part-time Accounts Department for less than the Cost of a Single Full-time Staff Member

Led by the first class Finance Team at Your Right Hand


Jennifer Raines

In this session we will show you how you can throw out the old model of hiring separate, full-time finance staff and instead use a team of professionals with expertise in their specific domain, working at your premises, but on a part-time basis. Because this part-time finance department all works within the same framework and use the same language, it allows fast growth businesses to run much more efficiently. The beauty of this model is that it is incredibly flexible: where companies have existing finance staff doing a great job, part-time team members can be brought in to plug the gaps and ensure there are no weak links within the department.

Driving 2-3x Improved Performance Within your Current Sales Team

Led by the Master of Sales and Owner of Kiss The Fish


Andrew Milbourn

There is a big difference between ‘ordinary’ performance and ‘extraordinary’ performance within a sales team. Where an ordinary performer might deliver say £200k in sales for a business, an extraordinary performer could deliver £400k or £600k. In this session we will walk you through the framework for extracting peak performance from your team and demonstrate the difference it can make to your company’s bottom line.

Bonus Opportunity

Your 1:1 Scale Up Breakthrough Session with one of the UK’s Top part-time Directors

All attendees who book by 22nd March at 5pm will receive the following bonus worth 10 times the ticket price of the event.

Everybody has the opportunity to have a 1:1 consultation with any of the Directors at your premises on a date to be agreed...

Below is your £500 Liberti Group Voucher which entitles you to 1:1 Scale Up Planning Session with one of the top part-time Directors in the Country within their area of expertise.

You will receive your voucher at the event and you’ll be able to choose from:

  • Scaling Up Your Finance (Strategy)
  • Scaling Up Your Finance (Systems)
  • Scaling Up Your People
  • Scaling Up Your IT
  • Scaling Up Your Marketing
  • Scaling Up Your Sales

Limited Time Early Bird Discounted PriceOnly £125 + VAT!!

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